It’s Not Surprising PR Thrives on Technology

As a PR major, I often read a various number of blogs and articles that talk about the field of communication. PR In Your Pajamas, one of my favorite blog sources, posted a very compelling blog about technology utilization and how it’s a PR pro’s last hope for success. In fact, the blog post is titled “Is Technology the Last Chance for PR Pros to Survive?


As I learned in professor Poynter’s class when speaking with print journalists and reporters, PR professionals (obviously) have to make their material alluringly news worthy to even get a one second glance toward their precious press release, infographic, backgrounder, etc. In fact, according to PR In Your Pajamas, there are five PR professionals for every one journalist, and reporters delete 75% of pitches from unknown publicists without even opening them.   In fact, most reporters will go directly to the product source rather than messing with the middle ground of PR. This is not good for us PR peeps, as we yearn for that sort of puppeteer role when it comes to managing success.


As the blog post says, we combine social and digital media to become “media community managers of tomorrow” and use the “push vs pull” method of enticement. Rather than being seen as pushy, overbearing and well, flat out annoying, the PR pro can pull media communities together toward content and engaging in these media communities by becoming the source. This allows for us to be on demand, rather than throwing out hook and tackle hoping to get a nibble.


Only once we are controlling not only the message given, but also what the right person sees at the right time, are we utilizing our resources optimally. Almost every profession and basic form of communication has grown with new technology and innovation, so it is no surprise that PR follows the same footsteps. As we learned in class Tuesday, no one enjoys getting an automated “thank you for following me, check out my website” message from a bot with a sketchy link attached to an irrelevant blog.   People want things to be personal to them, relevant to their needs, aimed for their eyes directly. So why do we waste our time with mass mailing a press releases to multiple news outlets? Why do we rely on spreadsheets and pushing emails that are almost always likely to go unnoticed? Because we are not managing the quality of content, making up time with technology.


I am very glad to be of my generation where social media and digital marketing methods are skyrocketing. While I grew up on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MeetUp, etc, most of these apps are a natural way of communication to me. This media revolution is a pivotal role in PR, and these mediums only become more and more relevant from here on out.



Oiknine, Hannah. “Is Technology the Last Chance for PR Pros to Survive?” PR In Your Pajamas. Web. 26 Jan. 2016. <;.


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