Trump Campaign Caught Photoshopping Caucasian Model to Appear African American

Although Donald Trump attempts at convincing the public that he is popular amongst African American voters, recent statistics tell otherwise. His support sits from 4 to 12 percent amongst black voters, which is perhaps a reason his campaign staff made a huge mistake with their online catalog in desperate need of minority support. You may be thinking, “What did Trump do this time?” Well, his campaign team photoshopped a model in an online catalog to have darker skin, appearing as a minority.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.07.50 PM

Donald Trump, and specifically his marketing and PR team, are attempting to look as if people of color support him. I believe this ploy is to repair his racist image that followed his many derogatory comments.



For closer examination….

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.14.04 PM

It is clear that both of these pictures are the same model, except one has skin photoshopped to look darker and a Trump logo slapped on the breast.


Does this stand ethically? How far can this man and his publicity team go before we stop finding these situations minor, or even humorous? How can we respect a politician that blatantly lies, perhaps even going as far as to say false advertises, about details such as this. All politicians lie, some even being hateful, but few are as flagrant and pompous and Mr. Donald Trump. Trump’s campaign team literally painted this white models skin on Photoshop to appear of a different race, and people still trust this man to run for president?


How can we hold even an ounce of faith in a man who lies about his followers? How can we entrust in him to to tell the truth about his enemies? Again, no politician can be completely honest with the public, however, there are certain respects I hope a candidate has on integrity and credibility. In a sense, I believe this is bad PR for Donald Trump. His campaign failed with this move. He couldn’t even hire a model of a different race, he had to photoshop a white one to appear “cool” with diversity. Shame on you, Trump.


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