Experts Say Millennials Are Not Lazy, Just Stressed



Over the years, I have constantly heard millennials labeled as lazy compared to previous generations such as baby boomers and Gen Xers. From being called unreliable in the work place, to flat out “privileged,” my generation has faced a lot of bad publicity. But such a pattern in the millennial generation may be closely linked to the evolution of technology. Could the advancement of smart phones, iPads, computers and the Internet affect the way we perform?

From being told we demand too much free time to lacking knowledge on basic world affairs, millennials have received a lot of bad PR. Some examples being articles such as 4 Kinds of Bad Advertising Millennials Have Kicked Off and 7 Reasons Millennials Are The Worst Generation. But some experts are saying otherwise.

Panelists at the Arthur W. Page Society’s Spring Seminar in New York challenged the stereotype that millennials face, stating that 18- to 35-year-olds are two times more likely to be stressed out than their elders. And a lot of this stress comes from a constant connection to technology.

Finally, some accurate PR that makes sense for my generation.

Another example of bad PR millennials have faced is the argument that we are not as loyal to the workplace and therefor cannot be trusted long-term workers. However, Grant Toups, PulsePoint Group’s managing partner, argued that the structure of companies and corporate America today is completely different than that of previous generations, therefor adding stress to millennials work experience. As an example, he mentioned how it is rare for a company to offer pensions to new employees.

“Millennials live in an environment where they are on all the time with phones that have emails they are expected to respond to,” Toups said, then asking the audience, “How many of you had that when you were 25?”

This is a real PR issue, as this is affecting the opportunity my generation has on getting jobs. Especially in the field of PR where you take your job everywhere you go and are constantly staying connected with your community. While millennials are known for thinking there is no such thing as bad publicity, this is where it comes to bite us in the end. We demand a different environment to keep up with the times, and the public is not in a positive relationship with such ideals.

With technology creating the ability for people to make a good living through freelance or working from home, of course millennials are stressed and demand flexibility to create a balance between their work and personal life. Perhaps this is why we leave jobs and lack the loyalty that makes companies cringe. Corporate America has changed in a way that is unfavorable for the growing generations, and we are the ones that suffer in the end.











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