New Pitching App Similar to Tinder Made for PR Pros and Reporters


As the field of public relations grows, there are many positive and negative associations that the industry entails. From crisis management to keeping the client happy, there are many issues that can arise during a “normal” workweek. However, one of the most problematic issues we PR people face is not so much centered on the client, as it is the journalists we reach out to.

PR professionals are famous for being avoided, resented and flat out ignored by reporters simply for being annoying and unorganized with our media lists. But building relationships with journalists, which is crucial for PR pros hoping for media coverage, has taken a new form.

Watch out Tinder, PR pros created an app just like you for pitching to journalists. And it’s called UPitch.

Available now in the Apple App store and appearing soon in July for Android and Windows devices, UPitch gives PR pros the ability to pitch up to 400 characters and five images to strike a reporter’s fancy on their campaign. If a journalist takes interest in the pitch, they swipe right and are directly taken to the message feature allowing contact with the PR pro.

Co-founder of UPitch, Allison Kugel, recently discussed the app in and article for The Huffington Post: 

“So why are businesses, brands and people still using 700 word press releases and page-long PR pitches if it doesn’t suit today’s current communicative mindscape? Why are we still jamming up email inboxes when we could be telling our stories more concisely, and to an audience who wants to view them?”

Similar to Tinder, the UPitch gives journalists the ability to filter the types of messages they desire to see. PR pros also may only connect if the reporter has swiped right on a pitch.

The only issue I can see with this is it may be hard a PR professional to narrow down a pitch to 400 characters. However, this shows the true power of the minimization of words. I cannot wait to download this app on my Android when it releases in July.







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