Earth Day: Cleaning Up Public Relations

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This Earth Day, April 22nd, the world is celebrating as one. With the focus of helping the planet on which we live, people are coming together worldwide for a day specifically designed for Mother Nature herself.


Multiple companies are creating campaigns to honor Earth Day, one being NASA’s #24Seven hashtag created to celebrate and improve our home planet. However, there are many ways that PR professionals themselves can use Earth Day as a holiday for tidying up their career.


The blog published by PR Newser, 5 PR Lessons From ‘Earth Day’ takes an interesting look into how we can use this day that’s dedicated to cleaning up the Earth to tidy up out own act.


For starters, stopping junk mail is great for not only the environment, but clients as well. There are over 100 billion pieces of junk mail delivered each year to U.S. citizens; it is time to move online! We are filled with unnecessary junk in our mailboxes every year. Sadly, this can be applied to our pitches, too. As we endlessly receive mail that lacks value, we also send press releases to unfit reporters that label our work as junk. Do we provide value to our journalists? We should evaluate our PR documents before sending them, have we removed the junk?


Another comparison the blog pointed to was how Earth Day could be like our campaigns, they can take a while to gain momentum. The first official Earth Day was in 1970. Over the years, with the help of social media trends, Earth Day has caught attention and is receiving more feedback. The next time your campaign can take a while to gain reception, give it time. Remember things must have the time to grow.


When going green, one of the largest focuses for the objective and this holiday is recycling. Recycling newspaper helps both the environment and our industry. Only 30% of the Sunday newspaper gets recycled. If we could grow that number to 100% we could save 250 million trees per year. Publishers today are having issues keeping up with the Internet so it is important to recycle new ideas to share with newspaper editors.


Like the Earth, the media and PR are both a very fragile ecosystem. Let’s use this day to give out a helping hand to all aspects of life, not just the land we live on.








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