Target Bathrooms: Ethical or Unethical?


Target’s getting slammed in the media lately for sticking with the LGBT community’s stance after 500,00 people boycotted the brand for allowing men to enter the women’s bathrooms. Is this a PR issue?

Despite many former customers boycotting Target, they are sticking with their principles, which allow transgender customers to use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity. They are literally molding their rules to fit their ethical beliefs, what an exciting time for PR.

In my opinion, Target’s stance is a major step in the positive direction of standing up for ethical standards even when it may hurt the company’s image. This is a bold PR move on their part.

Sadly, the American Family Association is fighting back against Target’s ideals, going as far as to start a petition from the organization that has over half a million signatures.

The petition calls for Target to issue a statement declaring their position on the bathroom situation. However, in a post titled “Continuing to Stand for Inclusivity,” Target makes it clear that it’s stance is in complete support of the federal Equity Act.

Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder spoke with the Minneapolis Star Tribune and said the post was actually a “restatement of a policy.”

“It’s just us being very overt in stating it,” she said.

I think target is acting ethically correct, especially in the light of ethical industry standards on how to control and prevent a crisis. They knew if they acted opposingly, they would end up on the wrong side of history.

How can we regulate a bathroom without laws? And do we really want to impose laws on what gender can enter what bathroom? What is to happen if a man or woman enters the wrong bathroom on accident, could they be arrested?

Sadly, if a man wants to assault a woman, sexually or not, a law or absolute rule on separating bathrooms is not going to stop them. Although there could be a perpetrator that is looking to scam on women specifically in the bathroom, the problem with this is a bathroom is a very public place that has people coming and going. How easy would it be to attack someone in such a public space? I know there are loopholes, but seriously. You are just as likely to be assaulted in a bathroom without laws of gender separation as you are in a public space. No matter where you are, sexual assault is illegal. And it still can happen anywhere.

Unfortunately, we have to constantly keep watch of our kids for this reason. If you wouldn’t let them wander around the store alone, you probably shouldn’t let them go to the bathroom alone, either. However, if your child is old enough to go to the mall around men or women that could be a rapist, they are probably old enough to face one in the bathroom. Not to mention that transgender people are not going into the restroom to be a pervert, but to follow their comfortable identified gender.

I stand with Target and support their decision to follow the Equity Act. I hope to see more companies support the LGBT cause and educate others on what it truly means to identify as another gender. My social media and news is filled with fear and hate surrounding this issue, which I believe may be derived from one ultimate fear: the transgender community. I am excited to see which companies will follow Target’s lead toward a more forward-thinking path and spread awareness on this odd issue.


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